Tax Examining Clerk GS-592-04 External USAS: 21-11164596A-EHX-0592-04 / Internal CC: 21AUS-EHB0618-0592-04 280 Vacancies – 10 Locations SBSE: 211 Campus Exam, 4 Field Collection CEASO, 15 Specialty Offer and Liens W&I: 50 RICS Tax Examining Clerk GS-592-4T5 External USAS: 21-11165269A-EHX-0592-4T5 / Internal CC: 21AUS-EHB0617-0592-4T5 147 Vacancies – 10 Locations SBSE: 95 Campus Collection, 2 Campus Exam W&I: 50 RICS Tax Examining Technician … More Jobs

TSP Webinar

NEW WEBINARFitting the Thrift Savings Plan into the Retirement Puzzle   You’re invited to join us for the next webinar in our Retirement Benefit Puzzle series. Tuesday, July 2710:00a, 1:00p and 5:00p The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a defined contribution plan that is specific to federal employees. Similar to a 401(k) plan in a private industry or … More TSP Webinar

Holiday FAQs

Holiday FAQs source: IRWeb ​Q1. What type of compensation am I entitled to for work performed on a holiday?A1. Holiday pay is an employee’s rate of basic pay plus premium pay compensation equal to that rate of basic pay. This equates to double-time pay for hours worked within the employee’s normal scheduled tour of duty (TOD). … More Holiday FAQs

What’s that chemical?

The cleaning chemical that’s being sprayed is called Oxivir Five 16. The details of it are here. I don’t think it should be the union’s responsibility to share this with you, i think it should be the agency’s but here we are.

Legislative Action

Things we can do to help ourselves: Ask your members of Congress to help support federal employees and protect them from COVID-19. Ask your Members of Congress to support FY2020 emergency funding for CBP at ports of entry. Ask your members of Congress to support Hazardous Duty Pay for Federal Employees. Ask your members of … More Legislative Action

United We Vote (don’t look at this if you’re at work)

the following material was pulled directly from NTEU Endorses Joe Biden for President NTEU is endorsing Joe Biden for President of the United States. The stakes in this election are incredibly high for NTEU and our members. As federal employees, you know that the President has a great deal of influence, if not outright control, over … More United We Vote (don’t look at this if you’re at work)