What We Do

Our Issues

Pay: Improving federal pay is our top priority. NTEU supports fair and competitive federal pay and makes a strong case that federal pay lags behind private-sector pay.

Retirement: NTEU fights for a well-funded and secure retirement system for federal employees who have spent their careers devoted to public service.

Agency Funding: NTEU is a strong advocate for adequate funding levels for federal agencies, so employees can deliver for the American public.

Work-Life Balance: A leader in the movement to bring innovative programs to the federal workforce, NTEU negotiates enforceable telework and alternative work schedules for employees.

Workplace Rights: NTEU works hard to safeguard and strengthen grievance procedures, which are critically important elements of negotiated bargaining and help employees keep agencies accountable.

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Member Benefits

From protecting your workplace rights to protecting your wallet, membership in NTEU has multiple benefits. NTEU members are backed by the collective strength of a union that fights to protect and advance your workplace rights and offers exclusive discounts to products and services.

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Exclusive Information

A wide range of NTEU publications and online resources keep NTEU members well informed with breaking news alerts and in-depth analysis of critical workplace issues.

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Local Chapters

All NTEU members are part of a local NTEU chapter that has experienced and trained officers and stewards ready to assist you. Whether you have a simple question or a complex problem, local NTEU leaders will stand up with you and for you.

Your Rights

As a federal employee and a member of NTEU, you have a right to:

  • Join NTEU and take full advantage of your union membership.
  • NTEU representation during investigatory interviews that may lead to discipline.
  • Be treated with courtesy and tact.
  • Training to effectively do your job.
  • Have your job expectations explained to you.
  • NTEU assistance and representation in pursuing grievances.
  • Freedom from coercion in exercising your rights.
  • Take part fully in the political process away from the job.
  • Work in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Participate in meaningful ways in decisions affecting your work life.

To Join

Come on down to our office and fill out form SF 1187, or easily join online today!