Vaccine Event!


In this short episode I will be letting you know about the latest COVID-19 vaccine event that we will be having as a once in a lifetime opportunity here at the IRS, so stay tuned and keep listening to the NTEU Podcast!



Hey everyone, this is Nikki from the NTEU Chapter 66 Podcast, I was coming to you to let you know about this awesome event that we have brought to you guys at the IRS. So, the NTEU Chapter 66 has partnered with KC Care Health Center to bring COVID-19 vaccinations to the IRS campus. So, starting this Friday on October 1stfrom noon to 6pm we will have the first dose of Pfizer and second dose of Moderna, which means if you were doing Moderna you have to have it somewhere else for the first dose. It is only for campus and C-Site employees for this round. On October 6 from 2 to 6 we will have the first round of Pfizer or second dose of Moderna for all employees, teleworking and campus employees (including C-Site… I don’t want to leave you guys out!). on top of that on October 22 from noon to 6 we will have the second dose of Pfizer for all IRS employees, and October 27th from 2 to 6we will have the second dose of Pfizer for all campus employees, and I will link… I will put in the description the link to the website to sign up to get your vaccine, so please look out for that link and sign up for your vaccine if you want to have it here on campus, I mean it’s kind of convenient and easy. It will be down in room 177/178 on the first floor of the Pershing/Old Post Office building. If you have any concerns or questions, please email us the email is always in the description box below. 

Just a heads-up November 22nd is the deadline to have everything submitted… your vaccine or your reasonable accommodation whichever you are doing. You are granted up to 4 hours of administrative leave per shot and 2 days of administrative leave to recover, just giving you guys a heads-up there! 

And in the event of a government shut down since that is looming over our heads the vaccine event will remain open for Submission Processing employees (because we are considered “essential”) other IRS employees can find a vaccine nearby by visiting, texting their zip code to 438829 or calling 800-232-0233, if you have any questions please email us at the chapter email, I will have it in the description and I will have all this information in the description below. So have a great day, have an awesome week and hopefully we won’t get shutdown tomorrow my fingers are crossed for you guys! 


Everything I talked about will be linked below in the description, please follow us on Facebook and keep listening to the NTEU Podcast! Thanks for your time! 


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