Reskilling Academy

If you are grade 3 or grade 4, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

W&I Reskilling Academy Opening Soon in Kansas City! 

The mission of the W&I Reskilling Academy is to provide Submission Processing employees an intensive training program with the opportunity to develop competencies necessary to qualify for a higher graded position. The curriculum includes a mix of self- study, direct instruction, hands-on learning and application, and assessments to track participant’s progress. The program offers an accelerated promotion opportunity where participants successfully completing the program will be offered placement in a higher graded position within Submission Processing without competition. 

Who is eligible? Grade 3 and 4, permanent or seasonal, Submission Processing employees located in Ogden, Austin, and Kansas City Service Centers. Applicants must be ranked fully successful or higher. The USAJobs vacancy announcement will provide full details for acceptance into the program. 

What is the Academy Structure? The W&I Reskilling Academy was designed as a self- study/self-paced program so it could be completed by employees with minimal supervision and to allow the student to embrace this work ethic. While the Reskilling Academy includes self- driven and online courses, students have a team of coaches readily available to help with their immediate needs. 

Where will Academy Graduates be Offered Placement? Participants successfully completing the program will be offered placement in a Tax Examiner position within Submission Processing at a higher grade without competition. 

Why should I participate? The Reskilling Academy teaches competencies and skills necessary for advancement at IRS while build strategies for personal development. Career advancements begins with the Reskilling Academy! 

When can I apply? A job announcement will be coming soon to USAJobs. When the vacancy announcement number is known, it will be distributed. Continue to check USAJobs and watch for additional information to follow. 

How can I get more information? Local Submission Processing management has copies of Reskilling Academy FAQs and other Introduction material and will make them available to all interested parties upon request. When copies cannot be located locally, make a request via email to the Academy Team

The W&I Reskilling Academy is an Accelerated Promotion program under HCO guidelines. 

The CAS Project Management Office. 

Multiple cross-functional partners have assisted to make the opportunity possible. 

W&I Reskilling Academy

The mission of the Reskilling Academy is to provide employees the opportunity to develop skills necessary to enhance their individual competencies through a specific series of consistent training and development courses which provide readiness for advancement. The curriculum includes a mix of self-study, direct instruction, hands-on learning and application, and assessments to track participant’s progress. Participants successfully completing the program will be offered placement in higher graded Tax Examiner positions without competition.

Q. Has the Reskilling Academy ever been done at the IRS before?
A. A pilot Reskilling Academy was opened in Fresno during 2000 and 2001. 94% of the Academy graduates from Fresno were very satisfied with their experience at the Academy.

Q. Will the Reskilling Academy be available to Submission Processing employees in my Service Center?
A. Yes, classes at Ogden, Austin, and Kansas City are expected to rollout later this year. Exact dates will be announced soon.

Q. How will I be evaluated at the Reskilling Academy?
A. In addition to course completion, attendance; knowledge checks; participation; observations; and other tools are used to evaluate the success of each participant.

Q. Will I have help with the required courses at the Reskilling Academy?
A. A specifically trained coach is assigned to each student and always available onsite for assistance with any Reskilling Academy material.

Q. What is the tour of duty of the Reskilling Academy?
A. The tour of duty (TOD) at all locations is 7:00 am – 3:30 pm. Attendance and timeliness are calculated into the overall success of the applicant.

Q. Is the Reskilling Academy adaptable to special needs?
A. Yes. The Reskilling Academy has been successful in accommodating special needs. Please inform the Reskilling Academy of special needs at the time of acceptance into the program.

Q. Which business unit will I be offered a higher graded position?
A. Successful graduates of the W&I Reskilling Academy will be offered higher graded positions as a Tax Examiner within Submission Processing.

Q. Will there be more training before I start the new Tax Examiner position?
A. Yes, technical training specific to the Tax Examiner position will be conducted by Submission Processing. Specific dates will be announced when they become available.

Q. Are the job offers for permanent and seasonal employment?
A. For the initial rollout classes, graduates will have the option of a permanent or seasonal tax examiner position.

Q. What is the effective date of my promotion?
A. Your promotion will be effective the first pay period you start training for the new position. The difference in pay will take 1-2 pay periods to be reflected in your pay. Promotions (


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