Childcare Subsidy Program

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for this wonderful program.

Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP) is starting soon. We want to remind you that the start of the open enrollment period begins Monday, August 15, 2022.

Please closely review the information you received in last week’s email, including required documents you must submit for a complete application package.

When you begin the application process, make sure you have all necessary information and documents readily available to submit before you visit the CCSP application site. See the updated  CCSP IRS Source web page to find answers to your questions.

Retroactive payments – We’d like to highlight that you may qualify for reimbursement of previous child care expenses paid as far back as January 2022, even if you don’t currently require child care services. To see if you’re eligible for reimbursement, you must submit the CCSP application and follow the established process for requesting retroactive payments for those expenses.

Application Resources

  • For general information about CCSP, visit the Work-life website or submit a ticket via OS GetServices as follows:
  • Request Help, Employee Resources, Work-Life Programs, Child Care Subsidy Program and then Child Care Subsidy Inquiries.
  • For application issues or questions including submitting application information, contact the program administrator, Cherokee Nation Federal Consulting, LLC as follows:
  • Email: Submit an inquiry on the “Help” tab at
  • Phone: 1-877-931-2650 
  • Fax: 539-476-4007
  • Mailing address:

Cherokee Nation Federal Consulting, LLC

Attn: IRS Childcare Subsidy Program

10838 E Marshall St. Suite #240

Tulsa, OK 74116

Required Forms and Documentation

  • OPM Form 1644, Child Care Provider Information for the Child Care Subsidy Program for Federal Employees . Providers must complete this form in its entirety and submit a copy of their most recent license or equivalent and/or a statement of compliance from the issuing state and/or local authorities.
    NOTE: The child care provider must provide their taxpayer identification number as noted on form OPM 1644 (pdf). However, bank information must either be provided on this form, or sent directly to Cherokee Nation, LLC by:
    – Fax: 539-476-4007
    – Help tab on the CCSP application site
    – Email:
  • OPM Form 1643, Childcare Subsidy Application Form (pdf)
  • SF-50 – Notification of Personnel Action. Employees will submit the most recent SF-50 and reviewed to identify whether the nature of the appointment is permanent, temporary, or term. 
  • Copies of the employee’s last two earnings and leave statements 
  • Copies of the employee’s most recent federal tax return
  • Copy of the child care provider’s current fee schedule

To be considered for retroactive payments for eligible child care expenses dating back to the start of calendar year 2022, employees must submit a statement from their child care provider on official letterhead, showing all child care expenses paid from January 2022 to date. If this isn’t included with the application, an employee may only be eligible for future payments.


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