Is my Ss withholding wrong?

Step 1. Find an old  paycheck prior to the withholding change last year. Get one as close to basic as you can find. What would be best is one with no overtime pay, no leave or sick time.

Step 2. Write down your OASID/SS amunt from that pay period. 

Step 3. Multiply that amount x 8 to calculate your total amount owed.

Step 4. Divide that total by 26 to get the amount of “extra” that should have come out of this pay period.

Step 5. Add that to the original amount found in step 2.

This should give you a very approximate amount of how much would have been taken out of OASDI/SS this pay period. It will vary to some degree if you got overtime or used leave this pay period or there are errors in your overtime or leave this time. There are a number of reasons that this could be a little off. If it is off by more than $20 you can add your name to a list the union is gathering using step 6. .

Step 6: (If you still feel your SS is in error after doing this process): Email the union at daniel@nteuchapter66.orgwith the subject of “ss withholding” with your name, SEID, and calculations in the body of the message. We are compiling a list to help HR determine if you were over- withheld. 


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