Take Action: Covid 19


As Coronavirus continues to spread, NTEU has been working tirelessly to ensure that federal agencies take measures to protect federal employees. We have urged agencies to allow federal employees to work from home or take weather and safety leave in order to protect themselves, their families, their coworkers, and the American public. Moreover, NTEU continues to negotiate with Congress to secure COVID-19 emergency funding and support for modified scheduling so that essential federal employees can do their jobs safely.

Please join NTEU in this fight – and take action by sending each of the letters below! Congress needs to hear the voices of their federal employee constituents loud and clear!

Take Action  Ask your members of Congress to help support federal employees and protect them from COVID-19.

Take Action  Ask your members of Congress to support Hazardous Pay for Federal Employees.

Take Action  Tell Congress to support modified scheduling for CBP Employees at the ports of entry to protect their health.

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